The Entrepreneurial Journey of Varun Alagh: Co-Founder of Mamaearth and CEO of The Derma Co. with Strategic angel Investments!

Varun Alagh is a highly accomplished angel investor and entrepreneur, renowned as the co-founder of Mamaearth and the co-founder and CEO of The Derma Co. With his exceptional business acumen and passion for innovation, Alagh has made significant contributions to the startup ecosystem. He has emerged as a key figure in the angel investment community, supporting and nurturing startups across various domains.

Life Journey and Childhood:

Varun Alagh’s journey towards success is rooted in his upbringing and childhood experiences. Growing up, he displayed a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship. His curiosity and drive to make a difference laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavours later in life.

Entrepreneurial Journey:

After completing his education, Varun Alagh embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. He co-founded Mamaearth, a venture focused on sustainable living and eco-friendly products. Additionally, he founded The Derma Co., a direct-to-consumer skincare brand that offers personalized solutions. Alagh’s innovative ideas and strategic vision have been instrumental in the success of both ventures.

Angel Investments:

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Varun Alagh actively engages in angel investing, utilizing his expertise and financial resources to support promising startups. He has made significant investments in various startups, including Nestasia, Almabetter, Early Steps Academy, Shiprocket, Skye Air Mobility, and more. Alagh’s investments not only provide crucial funding but also offer strategic guidance based on his entrepreneurial journey.

Recent Investments:

Varun Alagh continues to make notable investments in recent years, backing startups with immense potential. Some of his recent investments include:

1. Nestasia: A home decor and lifestyle brand offering curated products.

2. Almabetter: An edtech platform providing job-focused online courses.

3. Early Steps Academy: A preschool and daycare center focused on early childhood education.

4. Shiprocket: A technology-driven logistics platform enabling e-commerce businesses to streamline their shipping processes.

5. Skye Air Mobility: A startup working on the development of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Total Investments and Impact:

While the exact total amount invested by Varun Alagh in his angel investments may not be publicly available, his investments have had a significant impact on fostering innovation and supporting the growth of startups. Alagh’s guidance and mentorship have helped entrepreneurs navigate challenges, scale their businesses, and achieve notable milestones.

Entrepreneurial and Investment Philosophy:

Varun Alagh’s entrepreneurial and investment philosophy revolves around supporting ideas and ventures that have the potential to create a positive impact. He is particularly interested in sustainable living, education, logistics, and disruptive technologies. Alagh believes in empowering entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary resources and mentorship to succeed.

Success and Achievements:

Varun Alagh’s entrepreneurial journey and success with Mamaearth and The Derma Co. have earned him recognition and admiration. His ventures have garnered a significant customer base and received accolades for their innovative approach and sustainable practices. Alagh’s contributions to the startup ecosystem and his strategic investments have solidified his position as a respected angel investor and entrepreneur.

  • Varun Alagh’s journey from co-founding Mamaearth to leading The Derma Co. and becoming a prolific angel investor showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to driving innovation. His strategic investments and mentorship continue to shape the future of the startup ecosystem, empowering entrepreneurs and contributing to the overall growth and development of the industry.


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