The Platform Offers a Three-Month Guarantee and Consistent Demand for Both Restaurants and Hiring Agencies.

Restaurateurs typically begin by drafting a job description and seeking referrals from their network. When this method falls short, they turn to national job boards, which frequently attract candidates outside the hospitality sector. Pressed for time, they often resort to WhatsApp forwards and recruitment agencies to fill positions. This patchwork approach, although functional, tends to limit the candidate pool and can inadvertently perpetuate workforce biases.

Pritpal Singh of Toscano India highlighted the challenges, stating how they find themselves recruiting every month for both new and existing roles due to their expansion plans and the high attrition rate. This statement underscores the perpetual state of hiring that restaurants face, driven by both growth and high turnover rates. For restaurant groups without a robust HR team, the recruitment process can be particularly daunting. The multitude of recruitment channels and varying requirements make sourcing and screening candidates a cumbersome task.

Recipeat, a new player in the recruitment field, aims to streamline this chaotic process. Co-founder Ramvaibhav Kumaran explained that at Recipeat, they are streamlining all recruitment channels under one dashboard and help recruiters seamlessly track their candidates through different stages. Recipeat offers a singular smart link that restaurants can use across all their recruitment channels, allowing them to source and screen candidates in one place. This platform not only identifies the source of the job seeker but also enables recruiters to connect with candidates instantly.

The constant need for hiring in the hospitality sector drives restaurants to employ a variety of tactics to find suitable candidates. These include participating in university job fairs, leveraging social media platforms like Instagram, and utilizing costly recruitment agencies. In areas with a scarcity of local candidates, some establishments even send their lone HR representatives to universities and training centers to handpick potential hires. However, this method is fraught with challenges, as hotel groups often have direct partnerships with educational institutions, securing preferential placement for candidates based on brand affiliations. For independent restaurants, this means navigating a complex and risky landscape filled with high fees and a lack of transparency.

Agencies, in particular, pose significant challenges in the hospitality industry’s recruitment process. Many operate in a fragmented manner with varying fees and replacement policies, leading to confusion and frustration for both restaurants and job seekers. Some agencies exploit their position by charging exorbitant fees or engaging in unethical practices, such as exploiting replacement policies. This exacerbates the difficulties faced by the industry, complicating the hiring process further.

Adrien Jasserand from Recipeat shared the company’s innovative approach to addressing these issues. They’ve partnered with over 48 agencies spread across Karnataka, Uttarakhand, and Maharashtra. Recipeat acts as an intermediary between restaurants and hiring agencies, offering a three-month guarantee and ensuring a consistent flow of demand and qualified job seekers for both parties. This initiative has resulted in a 60% month-on-month growth in Recipeat’s job seeker database. By closely collaborating with agencies, Recipeat ensures adherence to standards and procedures, facilitating prompt payouts and redistributing rejected candidates across multiple listings. This has significantly streamlined the sourcing and placement process for both restaurants and agencies, bringing much-needed organization to the sector.

Automation plays a crucial role in Recipeat’s operations. The platform leverages WhatsApp to simplify interview scheduling and communication with candidates, making the process more convenient for all involved. Candidates no longer have to navigate the hiring maze alone; they simply submit their resumes and get matched with a recruiter.

Priyaa Ranjan, Head of Guest Relations and Operations at Monkey Bar, shared her positive experience with Recipeat’s recruitment solution. She highlighted the challenges she faced before turning to Recipeat and praised the platform’s efficiency in connecting job seekers with suitable positions.

Recipeat stands out as more than just another recruitment tool; it represents the standardization that the hospitality industry has long needed. By reshaping the way restaurants hire staff, Recipeat addresses the fragmented and often frustrating nature of traditional recruitment methods. The platform is one of six promising startups under Gruhas Gusto, a six-month accelerator program by Gruhas, Jubilant Bhartia Family Office, Sabre Ventures (DLF Family Office), and Anthill Ventures.

In conclusion, Recipeat is revolutionizing the recruitment landscape in the hospitality industry. By consolidating various recruitment channels into a single, efficient platform, it eliminates the inefficiencies and biases that have long plagued the sector. As restaurants continue to navigate the challenges of high turnover rates and expanding operations, innovative solutions like Recipeat offer a streamlined, standardized approach to hiring, ensuring that both employers and job seekers can connect more effectively and efficiently. This shift not only enhances the overall quality of hires but also supports the industry’s growth and sustainability.

Recipeat’s comprehensive approach to recruitment addresses the unique challenges faced by the hospitality industry, offering a beacon of hope for restaurateurs struggling to keep up with constant hiring demands. By leveraging technology and fostering strong partnerships with agencies, Recipeat ensures that restaurants have access to a broader, more qualified candidate pool, while job seekers benefit from a more transparent and streamlined hiring process.

As the hospitality sector continues to evolve, tools like Recipeat are becoming indispensable. They not only simplify recruitment but also help maintain the high standards of service and quality that customers expect. In a landscape where staffing issues can significantly impact business operations, Recipeat’s innovative approach provides a much-needed solution, paving the way for a more organized and efficient future in hospitality recruitment.


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