Vishnu IAS- Modern Gurukul for Civil services preparation

The formula for 100% success is determination, courage, hard work, and perseverance in equal amounts. While preparing for an exam, everyone can get the best books but not everyone can get the best mentor to teach them. A mentor is more important than what he teaches, as his experience is most valuable among all the knowledge within him. To crack India’s toughest exams such as the Civil services examination, there is a need for personal care from the faculty. But the reality is that there is a dearth of Personal Mentorship for Civil Services aspirants.

Vishnu Vardhan is the founder of Vishnu IAS. He has attempted civil services interviews three times himself and is an advocate and Anthropologist. With his wide experience of 10+ Years as an educator, he has trained many students who are now giving away their services at the topmost level. All of the credit of running this mentorship academy goes to himself, he did it with pure determination, courage, hard work, and perseverance and never raised any funding.

“Absence of mentorship is faced by everyone one time or other, while they are going through the UPSC preparation. I experienced the same while I was preparing for the civil services examination”, says Vishnu. That’s why he founded Vishnu IAS Academy in 2020, which provides the best Coaching classes with personal mentorship to its students.

Mentors can see ahead what others can never see and lead you to your path to success. Vishnu IAS is solving a vital problem which is the absence of Mentorship, and say that “I want to address personal care by providing personal mentorship to my students”. His formula for guaranteed success is that with personal mentorship from the experienced faculty, the chance of increasing the rank in civil services automatically enhances.

According to experts, people go farther than they think they could as someone else believes that they could. UPSC is a highly advanced level exam and only mentors enhance the technique of preparation to suit the matrix of this examination. Current alternatives for UPSC preparation are only coaching classes but not mentorship. Coaching classes can provide you notes, questions, or lectures but there is no sign of mentorship. “We provide that personal mentorship which is absent in UPSC preparation”, says Vishnu.

At Vishnu IAS, they offer a diverse range of courses covering from NCERTs to standard textbooks, Prelims cum Mains batches, Test series, Panel discussions, Debates, interactive doubt clearing, and current affairs sessions among others, along with full-length coverage of Optional Subjects like Anthropology. They offer offline and online courses which provide overall coverage of the syllabus that helps in the preparation and also develop a sense of confidence and success among the aspirants.

Vishnu IAS has a highly professional and committed team. They proudly say that their faculty team is the best in India. Whereas the administration team consists of highly knowledgeable and ethically strong people who are alumni from IIT’S and NIT’S. Their plans ahead are to expand the horizons and take this platform on a bigger level so that more students can be benefitted from it. Their aim for the future is to produce 30+ Ranks in the 2021 attempt and the next 50+ Ranks in 2022. They wish to establish a Branch in Delhi and would surely do so in the next few years.

There are little to no platforms that provide such mentorship to UPSC aspirants. Whereas in this institution, faculty themselves serve as mentors and none of their competitors provide mentorship. Vishnu IAS has produced 10+ Civil servants up to now and this year more than 50 students are attending the interview round. This platform has been revolutionizing the learning system with unique solutions that satisfy every requirement of a UPSC aspirant.

Founder P Vishnu Vardhan and Director Vishnu IAS Academy

HQ Address and Contact Number:

Vishnu IAS academy, opp: Canara bank, besides Gandhi Nagar Park, Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad. 9000400939