When you want to fly, the sky gets even smaller.

Dr. Baljinder Singh​ Gill​ is a name that has defied tradition and soared high. He is the son of a farmer from a small village in Maddok​e​, Punjab. In May 2019, he founded an organization called Indian Creative Unity with the help of these small settlements. Indian creative unity gives wings to the genius to fly in the open skies whether he has a degree or not. If something really matters, then only skill matters, and people should be eager to see something. He was talented in arts and crafts from childhood, and he always wanted to leave his mark by beautifying society through his creations. Every youth has the potential to become an artist and wants to convey to the society that Indian Creative Unity is the first educational facility in the country which also acknowledges the inherent artistic talent of every child. They think that everyone has the right to education and everyone can brighten their future on the basis of education. His institutions provide unfettered access to creativity and the arts.


He completed the first art journey of 4036 km by scooty ​from Chandigarh to Pune three years ago. Taking this art journey ahead, film star and real hero of India Sonu Sood took his heart to complete the second art journey of Indian creative unity. supported by In which 500 needy children were taught art by decorating a car from Moga to Goa with artworks of Sonu Sood. Promoting this move of Dr. Baljinder Singh​ Gill​, Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Pramod​h​ Sawant ji gave him the Iconic Artist Award of the year 2021. Recently, he completed the third art journey from Moga to Ahmedabad, which was 2800 km. Sood Charity Foundation and Kala Cube collaborated in completing this art journey.


Our team members supported this art journey (Uma Sharma, Harshita Sharma, Mrs.Monika Verma, Kashish Verma). Any survivor who chooses to learn the arts, Indian Creative Unity in association with Sood Charity Foundation will support them to pursue their talents. Actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood and his younger sister social worker, Mrs. Malvika Sood Sachar with the help of Sachar ji. Different types of art programs are organized from time to time to encourage the children. More recently, Indian creative teamed with Sood Charity Foundation to create the world’s tallest Sardar Milkha Singh ji’s 960 meters artwork, which was recorded in Harvard World Records, London and Dexterity Global Records. To create this artwork 34 artists from different states of India participated.

And in conjunction with the Kala Cube dedicated to the country’s 75th Independence Day celebrations, 13 artists paid homage to the martyrs of the Indian Army at Bestech Square Mall, Mohali to create an artwork of 3200 square feet with Rangoli medium. His goal is to serve the people all over the country, he has made many efforts to help individuals of various ranks, including making them state-of-the-art.


Including providing resources. Sood Charity Foundation has assisted millions of individuals across the country and is always trying to raise awareness, help those in need and inspire a large number of people to join us in helping mankind. Our main goal is to change how society views art and to help young people who want to learn more about it.
Leading teachers working with Indian creative unity provide guidance, knowledge and expertise to our students. Every member of the team who constantly introduces something new or is ready to do something new is highly appreciated by the Indian creative unity. From 2019 to 2021, Indian Creative Unity trained around 2000 students. We want to give a new flight to the dreams of artists across the country, even if no suitable courses are taken for the arts. We just want that every child, especially from an underprivileged background, is familiar with what is required in every school.
Every student should be aware of the possibilities in art and understand how art relates to daily life. To encourage art, we are soon launching India’s first Art Reality Show with Sonu Sood and Malavika Sood Sachar ji with the aim of making small towns and societies clean and colorful through art. We are happy to inform you that our creative partner Kala Cube is supporting us step by step with us. We hope that the artists of India will fulfill their purpose by participating in our show. And give a new identity to art in India​.

We are proud our creative team:-

  1. Diya Verma
  2. Arti Bhardwaj
  3. Yogita Bhardwaj
  4. Khushdeep Singh
  5. Harshita Sharma
  6. Jyoti Sharma
  7. Jashanpreet Kaur
  8. Satnam Singh
  9. Uma Sharma
  10. Monika Sharma
  11. Shashi guleria
  12. Nikhil Kumar
  13. Harpinder Kaur
  14. Payal Kumari Dubey
  15. Neelam thukral
  16. Deepjot Kaur
  17. Manju Devi
  18. Era Kashyap
  19. Dev
  20. Kunika
  21. Deepika Kamboj
  22. Mandeep Singh
  23. Uday Kushwaha
  24. Piyush Kumar
  25. Kashish Verma
  26. Gurdeep Singh
  27. Gurwinder Singh
  28. Anmol Kaur
  29. Savreen Kaur
  30. Jagjeet Singh
  31. Arun Kumar Sharma
  32. Anshu
  33. Yash
  34. Simranjeet Kaur