ATTITUDIST: Empowering Ethical Fashion in Agra, Achieving Rs 25 Crore Revenue in 3 Years

Breaking Boundaries: ATTITUDIST’s Remarkable Rise to Rs 25 Crore Revenue in Agra

In the heart of Agra, a city known for its rich history and the iconic Taj Mahal, a new story of entrepreneurial spirit and ethical fashion is unfolding. Meet Haritima Mishra, a visionary young woman who, at the tender age of 18, set out on a mission to transform her dreams into reality.

Her goal? To empower small-scale leather artisans in her city, all while championing sustainable and cruelty-free practices in the fashion industry. In 2020, alongside her brother, Shivam Mishra, and her sister-in-law, Sneh Verma, a graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Haritima founded ATTITUDIST, a pioneering venture in the world of vegan leather shoes.

A Vision for Change

ATTITUDIST wasn’t just another footwear brand. It was a movement that sought to support skilled artisans and cater to conscientious consumers who yearned for stylish and affordable footwear without compromising their ethical values. Haritima’s vision was clear: to offer an alternative to animal leather while addressing the challenges faced by artisans in the traditional leather industry.

Remarkable Growth in Just Three Years

What followed was nothing short of remarkable. In just three years since its inception, ATTITUDIST has carved a niche for itself in the competitive fashion market. The company achieved the impressive feat of selling shoes to three lakh customers, resulting in a staggering revenue of Rs 25 crore in the last financial year.

But ATTITUDIST’s success story goes beyond the numbers. It’s a testament to the power of perseverance and a commitment to ethical practices. Haritima’s journey from considering a career in the medical field to becoming a torchbearer of cruelty-free fashion is nothing short of inspirational.

A Unique Business Model

One of the most distinctive aspects of ATTITUDIST’s operations is its business model. The company doesn’t own manufacturing units. Instead, it collaborates with skilled artisans, harnessing their expertise to craft exquisite vegan leather footwear. It’s a symbiotic relationship, one where tradition meets innovation.

The production process takes approximately 20 days from creation to dispatch. This meticulous approach ensures that each pair of shoes not only meets high-quality standards but also reflects the ethical values that ATTITUDIST stands for.

Sustainability and Empowerment

ATTITUDIST’s journey is as much about empowerment as it is about fashion. The company collaborates with over 100 artisans, providing them with a platform to showcase their craftsmanship. Haritima’s vision for the future is ambitious yet achievable – to generate Rs 50 crore in sales by 2025.

As the CEO of ATTITUDIST, she remains steadfast in her commitment to empower individuals through self-expression. Her mission is anchored in sustainability, not just in the final product but throughout the entire supply chain. Her LinkedIn profile, a reflection of her dedication, underscores the company’s mission to create high-quality products that seamlessly blend contemporary styles with strong environmental values. This isn’t just fashion; it’s a movement that’s shaping the future for the betterment of generations to come.

In a world where success is often measured solely in financial terms, ATTITUDIST’s remarkable journey is a reminder that entrepreneurship can be a force for positive change. Haritima Mishra and her team have demonstrated that ethical business practices, sustainability, and a commitment to empowering artisans can not only be financially rewarding but can also contribute to a more compassionate and conscious fashion industry.

As Agra basks in the shadow of its historic wonder, the Taj Mahal, a new wonder is emerging – one that celebrates not just the art of footwear but also the art of making a difference. ATTITUDIST is more than a brand; it’s an embodiment of values, a testament to the potential for business to transform lives, and a shining example of what the future of fashion can and should be.

In a world where the fashion industry is often criticized for its environmental and ethical shortcomings, Haritima Mishra and ATTITUDIST stand as beacons of hope, proving that style, sustainability, and success can go hand in hand.

As they continue to grow and inspire change, one can’t help but wonder what other remarkable transformations might be on the horizon for Agra, a city that’s no stranger to the extraordinary.

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