Brewing Success: How Third Wave Coffee Rose from Novices to a Rs 1200Cr Valued Brand

In a city known for its thriving startup culture, Bengaluru, three entrepreneurs defied industry norms and brewed a success story in an unexpected arena – coffee. The founders of Third Wave Coffee, with no prior experience in the coffee-making industry, have not only carved a niche for themselves but have also built a brand valued at a staggering Rs 1200 Crores.

Let’s dive into the captivating journey of Third Wave Coffee, exploring its ideation, unique selling propositions, funding trajectory, and revenue dynamics. This is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and a genuine love for what you do.

1. A Love for Coffee Ignites the Journey

The founders of Third Wave Coffee Ayush Bathwal, Anirudh Sharma, and Sushant Goel embarked on their venture not as seasoned coffee experts but as enthusiasts with an unwavering love for the beverage. It was this passion that fueled the inception of Third Wave Coffee, proving that sometimes, a genuine love for what you do can be the strongest foundation for success.

2. Humble Beginnings in Koramangala

In 2016, the journey of Third Wave Coffee began with the opening of its first cafe in Koramangala, Bengaluru. A year of meticulous research and planning preceded this moment, reflecting the founders’ commitment to making their mark in the competitive coffee industry.

3. Weathering Challenges with Customer Focus

The initial months were challenging for Third Wave Coffee, with a sparse footfall at their outlet. Undeterred, Sushant and the other founders embraced the difficulty, focusing on delivering an exceptional experience to every customer. This unwavering commitment laid the groundwork for their resilience and eventual success.

4. Strategic Guidance and Geographical Advantage

Navigating the complexities of the coffee industry without prior experience would have been daunting without guidance. Third Wave Coffee found support in industry veterans like Sunalini Menon, India’s first professional coffee cupper. Additionally, their geographical location in Bengaluru provided easy access to coffee estates in the southern region, a crucial asset in the coffee business.

5. A Beacon for Specialty Coffee in India

Third Wave Coffee has played a pivotal role in making locally sourced specialty coffee more accessible in India. By fostering a culture that appreciates the nuances of specialty coffee, the brand has contributed to the growth of local communities and the elevation of coffee appreciation.

6. Diverse Offerings and Unique Experiences

Distinguishing itself from conventional coffee brands, Third Wave Coffee offers a diverse range of options. From classic coffee choices to handcrafted manual brews and curated beverages, the brand caters to a spectrum of tastes, creating new flavors and unique experiences for its customers.

7. Customer-Centric Approach

One of Third Wave Coffee’s secrets to success lies in its dedicated approach to customer interaction. Spending extensive time at their cafes, the founders personally gather taste preferences, creating a personalized and engaging experience for coffee enthusiasts.

8. Funding Triumphs and Investor Confidence

The brand’s financial journey reflects its success. With a total funding of $66M across nine rounds, Third Wave Coffee has garnered investor confidence. The journey commenced with its first funding round on Dec 22, 2017, and recently, a Series C round on Sep 28, 2023, raised $35M, with participation from three investors led by Creaegis. Notably, Nikhil Kamath and 42 others contribute as Angel Investors.

9. Financial Growth and Challenges

According to TheKredible, Third Wave Coffee witnessed a commendable 2.7X increase in operating revenue to Rs 31.75 crore in FY22. However, the same period saw a 3.3X rise in losses to Rs 14.5 crore. While the financial performance of FY23 is yet to be disclosed, these figures underscore the challenges and triumphs of the brand.

10. Valuation and Future Aspirations

Despite the undisclosed valuation, an ET report estimates Third Wave Coffee’s worth at approximately $150 million (Rs 1,200 crore). As the brand continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of the coffee industry, its future aspirations and potential expansion are subjects of anticipation and interest.

In conclusion, Third Wave Coffee’s journey from novices to a Rs 1200 Cr valued brand stands as a testament to the possibilities that unfold when passion meets innovation. Their story resonates not only with coffee enthusiasts but with aspiring entrepreneurs seeking inspiration from unconventional paths to success. As the aroma of success lingers in the air, Third Wave Coffee remains a shining example of how a genuine love for a craft can transcend barriers and create a lasting impact.

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