Thriving Through Taste, Tenacity, and the Trials of COVID-19: How ‘Naaz Anjum’s Kitchen’ Went from Rs 80 to Rs 1 Lakh Monthly

In the heart of Hyderabad, a culinary maestro emerged from the confines of her home kitchen, turning a modest investment of Rs 80 into a flourishing cloud kitchen venture. Meet Naaz Anjum, the visionary entrepreneur behind ‘Anjum’s Kitchen,’ whose journey is as delightful as the biryanis she serves.

A Culinary Odyssey Begins

Naaz Anjum, a textile engineer turned culinary artist, embarked on her gastronomic adventure in 2016. With a passion for Biryani and a meager investment, she transformed her residence into the birthplace of ‘Anjum’s Kitchen.’ Little did she know that this venture would evolve into a thriving culinary haven, fulfilling over 20,000 orders and achieving a monthly income of Rs 1 Lakh.

Culinary Charisma and Community Support

Having relocated to Hyderabad in 2010, Naaz redirected her focus from textiles to culinary arts. Her cooking prowess soon became the talk of the town, especially among the bachelors in her building. Admiration turned into motivation, and the requests for her delicious curries paved the way for ‘Anjum’s Kitchen.’ What began as evening curries escalated into daily tiffins, marking the inception of her foray into the food business.

The support of her neighbors during Ramadan in 2016 marked the beginning of Anjum’s official culinary journey. Delectable desserts like ‘Double Ka Meetha’ and ‘lauki halwa’ tasted success, setting the stage for her first official order – a mutton dum biryani for a small gathering in HITEC City. The word spread like wildfire, generating a steady stream of orders and turning ‘Anjum’s Kitchen’ into a household name.

From One-Woman Show to Pioneering Cloud Kitchen

Fuelled by word-of-mouth and a strong social media presence, Anjum’s business flourished. What started as a one-woman enterprise now receives 25-50 daily orders, spanning daily tiffins, biryanis, party orders, and desserts. ‘Anjum’s Kitchen’ not only pioneered the cloud kitchen trend in Hyderabad but also inspired several others to follow suit.

Navigating Challenges and Innovating Through Adversity

The COVID-19 pandemic posed a formidable challenge, but Anjum’s resilience shone through. Adapting swiftly, ‘Anjum’s Kitchen’ managed over 500 orders during the lockdown, proving that a pandemic couldn’t dim the culinary flames. Innovation became the cornerstone as Anjum explored new approaches to provide authentic homemade and healthy cuisine to the residents of Hyderabad.

Adding another feather to her cap, Anjum ventured into the digital realm by conducting online cooking classes for individuals abroad. Her culinary expertise transcends geographical boundaries, bringing the taste of Hyderabad to kitchens around the world.

A Testament to Success

According to The Better India, Naaz Anjum now earns a monthly income exceeding Rupees 1 lakh. Her journey is not just a tale of culinary triumph but a testament to the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship. ‘Anjum’s Kitchen’ stands tall as a beacon of success, inspiring aspiring chefs and business owners alike.

Naaz Anjum’s story is more than a journey from passion to prosperity; it’s a celebration of determination, community support, and the art of turning dreams into reality, one biryani at a time. ‘Anjum’s Kitchen’ isn’t just a cloud kitchen; it’s a culinary phenomenon, and Naaz Anjum, its fearless captain, has set sail on a remarkable voyage, leaving an indelible mark on Hyderabad’s culinary landscape.

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