Changing lifestyles Transforming towards fitness

Fitness is an asset that is owned by an individual personally, never to be shared nor to be given in whole to someone. A personally owned asset helps the owner to help many. A fit and a sound person is physically active and mentally stable with purified breath. To maintain fitness in this busy routine is tough and tragic, corporate lifestyles make it even tougher. Working 8-10 hours and burning out is something which every hustling person does in order to make money but ultimately ends up losing the most important asset.

Money comes and health drains. To be physically fit and mentally sound you need someone who can be with you, push you and help you be regular, and work properly for your assets. Here comes the role of Fitness Transformation Coach, Jayesh Patole a fitness coach helps people to shape themselves amidst the busy hustling lifestyle. He is the author of the book “How To Get In Your Best Shape.

Jayesh Patole provides you with a perfect nutrition schedule along with a proper workout routine. Mixing the nutrition with workout and replacing unhealthy lifestyle you move to embrace your physique. Fitness is not a new world but it’s somewhere where there’s a lot of limelight in today’s time.

Everyone craves a healthy lifestyle and people are ready to do anything to improve themselves someway or the other. He aims to improve the fitness lifestyle of people around him. He believes that a healthy life leads to a wealthier tomorrow’ and thus aims at providing services to people so that they can improve their lifestyle to lead a healthy life.

Jayesh Patole, Your very own fitness transformation coach was not initially a fitness coach but as time passed by and the realization hit hard he left his corporate job to head on to the fitness world. Corporate lifestyle is the most fun-filled but at the same time most unhealthy lifestyle. Junk food and boozing out on weekends was the protagonist of health depletion. Late-night shifts, erratic sleep schedules were yet another mess. Everyone reading this article has been experiencing this for a long time and hence finds it truly relatable. So yes it is, it is the story of every corporate sector employee.

One fine day Jayesh Patole had to climb to the 3rd floor of a building and before reaching his destination he started getting breathless and completely exhausted by the time the 3rd floor was reached. It was the day when Jayesh’s career took a swift turn and he moved on to get into shape.

He left his job and joined a gym, saved money to suffice, and work on fitness transformation. Seeing the drastic change in his physique and lifestyle people started approaching him for help, tips, and guidance. Suddenly realization took place that to train others proper knowledge is essential. This is when he walked into the fitness world for learning and teaching. He took his fitness training coach course from IFSA academy and now he is where he is. Jayesh has worked as a trainer in two of the gyms and has been promoted to head coach in one of them. It does not stop here he was also manager of 3 premium gyms and has helped many people in their transformation journey.

Amidst the second wave of COVID-19, he was devastated due to huge losses in the family but life goes on. Losing a lot and still not losing hope is a great thing moreover commendable, so is fitness training coach Jayesh Patole. He has decided to devote his life to the fitness world. He helps to establish a routine for daily workouts which helps to maintain the balance of work and corporate life.

He trains many people online and offline in gyms and one can also reach out to him for fitness and nutrition consultation. He will personally work with you and help you get into shape and balanced life. Jayesh Patole certified fitness coach and nutrition specialist is highly experienced in the field of fitness. He also has his expertise in advanced bodyweight training and power yoga. One can reach out to him on [email protected]