Dolls as Cultural Ambassadors: Zankla Studio by Kirat Brahma’s Role in Bridging Societal Gaps

In a world that is rapidly evolving, preserving cultural heritage is an endeavor that requires dedication, creativity, and a deep-rooted passion for one’s roots. Kirat Brahma, a visionary entrepreneur, took a bold step in 2021 to address the discrimination faced by people from Northeastern states in India. His response was as creative as it was impactful: Zankla Studio, an initiative that crafts eco-friendly toys to tell the stories of Assam’s rich culture and diverse tribes.

The unfolding narrative of Zankla Studio is a testament to the power of art and culture in bridging societal gaps and fostering inclusivity. This article explores Kirat Brahma’s journey, the inception and growth of Zankla Studio, and the profound impact it has had on Assam’s cultural representation.

1. A Creative Response to Discrimination

Kirat Brahma’s journey as a social entrepreneur began with a realization – a realization that individuals hailing from the Northeastern states of India often face discrimination and prejudice in various parts of the country. This discrimination, rooted in misconceptions and stereotypes, often results in a sense of alienation and isolation for those from this region.

In 2021, Kirat Brahma decided to confront this discrimination head-on. He understood that change required a multifaceted approach, one that not only challenges stereotypes but also celebrates the unique cultural identity of Assam. Thus, the idea of Zankla Studio was born.

2. Zankla Studio: Crafting Culture, One Doll at a Time

Zankla Studio is not your typical toy-making enterprise. It is a cultural movement, a journey to reclaim Assam’s identity and represent its diverse tribes in an authentic and meaningful way. The studio’s primary mission is to create eco-friendly toys that serve as cultural ambassadors, telling the untold stories of Assam’s tribes through craftsmanship and artistry.

The dolls created at Zankla Studio are not just playthings; they are meticulously designed pieces of cultural heritage. Each doll represents a specific tribe, complete with traditional attire, accessories, and intricate details that capture the essence of Assam’s diversity. From the Bodo tribe’s vibrant textiles to the Mishing tribe’s exquisite beadwork, every element is a testament to the studio’s commitment to authenticity.

3. A Sustainable Approach to Art

One of the core principles of Zankla Studio is sustainability. Kirat Brahma recognized the importance of not only preserving cultural heritage but also safeguarding the environment. As a result, the studio prioritizes the use of eco-friendly materials in its craft.

The dolls are crafted using organic and biodegradable materials, ensuring that the production process aligns with ecological well-being. This commitment to sustainability not only reflects a global trend but also resonates with the values of Assam’s indigenous communities, who have long been stewards of the environment.

IMG 2515
Handcrafted Heritage Dolls at Zankla Studios

4. Celebrating Diversity, Fostering Inclusivity

Assam is home to a mosaic of cultures and tribes, each with its own unique traditions and stories. Zankla Studio recognizes the importance of celebrating this diversity and, in doing so, fostering inclusivity and respect.

The dolls serve as educational tools that introduce people from all walks of life to the cultural richness of Assam. They are not just toys; they are windows into a world of traditions, festivals, and rituals that might be unfamiliar to many. By making these stories accessible, Zankla Studio aims to bridge the gap between Assam and the rest of India, dispelling stereotypes and promoting unity.

5. Impact Beyond Playtime

Zankla Studio’s dolls are more than objects of play; they are instruments of change. By showcasing the diversity of Assam’s tribes and culture, these dolls contribute to a broader dialogue on inclusivity and representation.

The studio has gained recognition not only for its beautifully crafted dolls but also for its commitment to social impact. Zankla Studio actively collaborates with schools, community organizations, and events to share the cultural stories embedded in its dolls. This outreach extends to workshops, exhibitions, and educational programs that aim to raise awareness and promote a more inclusive society.

6. Preserving the Past, Nurturing the Future

The journey of Zankla Studio is a powerful narrative of preserving the past while nurturing the future. Kirat Brahma’s vision has given life to not just dolls but to the cultural pride of Assam. Through art and craftsmanship, Zankla Studio is helping Assam reclaim its narrative and ensuring that the stories of its tribes are heard far and wide.

In a world that often focuses on differences, Zankla Studio reminds us of the beauty of diversity and the strength that comes from cultural inclusivity. It is a testament to the idea that art, when combined with a powerful purpose, has the potential to bring about meaningful change.


The story of Kirat Brahma and Zankla Studio is a story of cultural reclamation, resilience, and the transformative power of art. It exemplifies how one individual’s dedication and creativity can serve as a catalyst for change, challenging stereotypes and fostering a more inclusive society.

As Assam’s heritage dolls find their way into homes and hearts, they carry with them the rich tapestry of Assam’s culture and the promise of a more united and understanding India. Kirat Brahma and Zankla Studio have not just created dolls; they have created bridges of empathy and appreciation, connecting people through the universal language of art and culture.

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