Fiona Diamonds: One-Stop Destination for all your Jewellery needs.

Fiona is one of the jewellery industry’s emerging stars. It is a 2007 venture created by engineer turned entrepreneur Parag Agrawal. Apart from mined diamonds, the brand’s USP is that it manufactures jewellery utilising moissanite and lab-grown diamonds.

The company curates 80,000 different varieties of diamonds from 500 different manufacturers around the country, which can be purchased both online and in their retail outlets.

They established ten flagship stores between 2013 and 2015. Its 3rd flagship store in 2015 was noteworthy since it debuted the brand’s exceptional Moissanite solitaire jewellery range.

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Fiona expanded its scope by launching an e-commerce platform the same year. It predicted the importance of a multi-channel presence in 2015. The firm carefully monitored the customer buying behaviour and realised that purchasing decisions for jewellery begin much earlier than the actual purchase, making a strong online presence crucial.

Fiona has also seen the predicted movement in the choice of Indian jewellery enthusiasts from bridal wear to daily wear, as well as changes in jewellery usage. It has made available a broad range of occasion-specific jewellery as well as the option of custom-made creations.

Fiona Diamonds has made luxury inexpensive and accessible to everybody. They have transformed the way jewellery is sold with an easy-to-navigate website and dozens of styles in natural and lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. Fiona Diamond’s website makes the most of technology by utilising filters to cater to various requirements. They even offer a specialised customer service staff that can be reached via phone or WhatsApp. Even personalised jewellery can be negotiated over the phone and delivered to the customer’s home.

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Jewellery is developed by a team of trained designers and manufactured utilising the most advanced technologies available in the industry. As a result, Fiona offers a wide range of jewellery lines, both modern and ethnic.

Co-founder Parag Agrawal says “we have solitaire jewellery in both 18 and 14k gold. Our dedicated team of designers has made sure that valued customer gets what he/she is looking for. Designs that are exclusive and stand out from the rest. From must-haves to workwear and from cocktail wear to heavy wedding jewellery we have all the options available to us. One can even purchase these gemstones also from our website”

In addition to jewellery creation, they offer polishing and cleaning services to assure the jewellery’s long-term care and conservation. One of the largest collections of engagement rings in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore

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Parag says “we understand that jewellery is not merely a piece of expensive metal but there are sentiments attached to it. People want to preserve them for a long period of many decades, we ensure that by providing value-added services like polishing and cleaning to ensure that jewellery is safe and the same as brand new for a very long period. Our aim is to be the one-stop solution when anyone thinks about jewellery and make purchasing a memorable experience.”

Furthermore, because of its pioneering digital outreach, Fiona Diamonds was able to achieve significant sales volume and company development during the pandemic. In the foreseeable future, the company intends to reach a broader audience online.

Fiona Diamonds has undoubtedly discovered development opportunities by making wise use of industry knowledge and staying connected to its customers, they are responding to current and future requirements by taking cues from shifting trends, which have only served to strengthen and broaden their position in the market