GoHireMe: AI-based Video chat bot, the changing experience of recruitment.

A new business, a new startup, and a new firm are all synonyms for the same problem: finding personnel. People frequently prefer to collaborate with well-established organizations without considering the startup’s efforts or mission. These folks are many, but there are still a few working-class people who are searching for jobs that will satisfy their interests while also allowing them to advance.GoHireMe is an AI-Based Recruitment company that does the task to hire employees on the company’s behalf. Robot rather than a system designed to find employees sounds great and is actually awesome.

Companies get ample benefits and perfect fit employees as per their needs.GoHireMe helps startups businesses and companies to find the employee who is made for the company as well as help the applicant to find the company as per his/her dreams and aspirations. Companies are provided access to employee profiles and the system helps them find their perfect team member. A member who can work with zeal for the company’s welfare and development.

In India, they are a fast expanding HR and outsourced solutions company. Partnered with more than 300 startups have established a solid position as one of the most prominent organizations in this area, and have secured major long-term contracts against both local and international competitors, thanks to cutting-edge technology and a leading suite of HR solutions.

GoHireMe specializes in educational technology hiring, especially for Indian clients and employees. Financial Tech Technology is another important aspect that is covered for providing employment. A lot of young and aspiring employees crave a fin-tech company, GoHireMe helps one to find it. Few more to mention can include Banks, BPO and also automobiles. All in all, it can be said that students or people from different educational backgrounds can get their jobs with GoHireMe.They have placed more than 7000 candidates in the last one and half years.

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For USA based companies GoHireMe specialises in finding jobs in the field of healthcare and information technology. These two fields are considered ever springing; they are never out of demand and hence a preference for many.

GoHireMe specialises to work with AI technology and eventually AI does the work for the company. The system has been designed such that it aspires to excel with it. It follows the Rub model for JD in Master Database. AI works to do GoHireMe such as it manages the database of all candidates. Stores and shortlists profiles with keywords for the right company.

GoHireMe is on a journey to build the first in the world patented video chat bot TIARA to manage the entire recruitment process. This video bot will hire candidates without any human interference. They are also solving the major gap between jobs and labour. GoHireMe is setting up the proper layout and managing skill training to migrate manpower from small villages of India. They are planning to set up labour hostels in top Tier 1 cities with their various clients for effective Migration and social security of labours.

Bishwarup Kumar & Raushan Rajendra Pathak are the pillars behind the idea is providing intervention in the method of hiring and earning. AI Video Bot-based recruitment to make the hiring process easy was the motive of the founder and is hence trying to find a perfect job for every individual.