Pocket money source turns into business Emporio

Ever thought, what can cheer a sad, angry or happy person? Gifts serve as a means to
show our caring nature, especially in long-distance relationships. A person in his
lifetime receives many gifts and presents and with the span of time he might forget about
them. But special gifts are the kind of gifts that he would remember for a long time or even
in some cases forever. Gifting never goes out of trend. A gift made with love and time remains there for a lifetime to impact. Personalized gifts were an idea by a college student who ultimately started it just for side income. Asking money from parents after a certain time doesn’t feel nice, so the Sudhanshu Jain started a side hustle to earn some extra and become self-independent.

Slowly and eventually this side hustle turned into a great venture and for now his company
generates more than half a million dollars. There is a turning point in everyone’s life and for
Sudhanshu Jain this turning point was his company’s venture, it was indeed a game-changer that opened him the doors to success.

Sudhanshu Jain’s inherent gifting company ApparelTech is unique for its personalized offerings and is making a wave of change in the gifting industry. Pursuing innovation and technology in gifting has made the world bow to a different horizon. People are able to think out of the box and ultimately provide an edge over traditional gifts. ApparelTech has gained its name and recognition in India initially but now it’s notably exalted overseas as well.

ApparelTech provides a huge diversity of gifting options that one would never like to stock
out. With the upcoming diversity of gifting options, a striking hike has also been seen in the
purchasing power of millennials. This has led to a change in the pattern of gifts for various
occasions and thus purchasing pattern has completely been revolutionized. Personalized effects in every gift along with a warm greeting increase the value of the gift and the person gifting it. All in all, ApparelTech grows with customers’ satisfaction and

Customized t-shirts are a big hit these days, from weddings to gatherings customized t-shirts are in huge demand. People often order them for tours and trips even. Festivals are showbiz and trendy t-shirts are must-have apparel with different graphics and slogans. The fashion industry witnesses a shift towards customized clothing. Tailor-made products constitute the maximum demand and thus contribute to the company’s profit.


Green gifting is also the buzz around which the market is headed. Nature and plants are not only gifts but a symbol of hope and gratitude to grow all in all with the owner’s prosperity. Green gifting is eco-friendly and affordable with a touch of uniqueness and a shower of love and devotion. Giving someone a plant means you are giving the recipient the responsibility of nurturing something.

With all the advancement in technology and industry but still, one industry remains unorganized the printing sector. It is a niche and most unorganized sector but ApparelTech has tried to bring solutions for these sectors as well. A startup or a business/company can purchase various varieties of printing machines available for different products and services. Sublimation machine combo, heat press machine and plotter machine all are available in various types and styles.

Services at ApparelTech helps one to even start their startup as a printing press and earn profit. After printing machines and plotters, ApparelTech also provides a 3D sublimation machine that can be used to produce 3D articles ensuring high performance and perfect design. These machines not only make the task easier but one can also start a new venture as a startup a company selling unique creations.

To explore this amazing world of gifting and apparels one can band onto ApparelTech’s website where there will be every personalized solution from gifting to startup. Don’t be late to explore the advancements in the world of Thanksgiving and gifting apparel. Outlet stores are also present in NOIDA and are functioning successfully with a plethora of customized gifts. In the future, ApparelTech is planning to launch its mobile application to make the experience sweet and easy.

Sudhanshu Jain is also a TEDx speaker and a great inspiration to young students and technocrats. He has received various prizes for ApparelTech such as ‘Best Applied Project’ and ‘Best Startup idea’.Being a self-starter and young entrepreneur Sudhanshu Jain inspires the student community to work hard and create to stand out in this big busty world