Golden Dreams in the Tallest Tower: George V Nereaparambil’s Opulent Burj Khalifa Apartments

In the bustling narrative of entrepreneurs and visionaries, there emerges a unique story of a self-made Indian businessman who transcended humble beginnings to become the owner of a spectacular portfolio of properties in the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. George V Nereaparambil, a man who started from modest roots in Kerala, India, and initially worked as a mechanic, now stands as a prominent Indian business tycoon in the Gulf region.

George’s Journey Begins

Born into a modest family in Kerala, George V Nereaparambil, commonly referred to as Georgetta by friends and family, embarked on his journey at a young age. At just eleven years old, he began assisting his father in transporting and trading cash crops. This early exposure to the world of business and entrepreneurship ignited a spark within him.

George’s early professional life included working as a mechanic, and he honed his skills in various fields. However, the turning point came in 1976 when he made a significant decision—to move to Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates. His decision was driven by the burgeoning Middle East economy and the sweltering desert heat, which highlighted the potential in the air conditioning sector. George transformed this idea into the vast business empire known today as the GEO Group of Companies.

Georgetta’s Dream in Gold: Burj Khalifa Apartments

George’s fascinating journey took an intriguing twist when he was indirectly challenged by a relative. This relative playfully suggested that he couldn’t enter the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. George saw this as an opportunity and a challenge, two elements that would soon become defining features of his journey.

In 2010, he embarked on his remarkable quest by renting an apartment in Burj Khalifa. However, this was merely the beginning. Over the years, George’s fascination with this iconic tower led him to acquire a total of 22 luxury apartments within its gleaming walls.

These apartments, located within the world’s tallest structure, are known for their opulent embellishments. George’s Burj Khalifa properties boast gold decor on their walls, ceilings, and even floors. It’s a display of wealth that is truly awe-inspiring. However, George remains open to expanding his portfolio of Burj Khalifa properties.

George V Nereaparambil: The Man Behind the Empire

Behind the extravagant persona and the remarkable Burj Khalifa portfolio, George V Nereaparambil is a multifaceted individual. He is the founder of the GEO Group of Companies, a diversified business empire that has left its mark across various industries.

Geo Group of Companies, which had its inception in 1977 under the name GEO Electricals, Contracting, and Trading Company, has evolved over the years. It has ventured into a wide array of businesses and expanded its presence across four countries.

One of George’s most notable contributions lies in the Cochin International Airport project. He is the second-largest shareholder in Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL), holding a 14% stake. CIAL operates as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model airport and is the first of its kind in India. This visionary project was essential in addressing the need for a world-class international airport in Kerala and enhancing connectivity for the region.

Additionally, George is also involved in healthcare ventures, serving as a director and shareholder of a super-speciality hospital and other healthcare projects in India. His business acumen extends to the film industry, where he promotes young talents at the Cochin Kalabhavan Studios through his directorial ventures. He even owns the Ragam cinema theatre in Thrissur.

While George’s journey is marked by business success, he is equally recognized for his philanthropic endeavors. He actively contributes to social causes and charitable organizations in Kerala. His contributions have been acknowledged by his nomination as a trustee of the charitable trust established by CIAL.

Behind the scenes, George is a family man, deeply appreciative of the support he receives from his wife, Molly George. Molly plays a pivotal role in the HR department of the company, serving as an essential part of George’s journey. Together, they have two daughters and a son, each contributing to the family legacy in their unique ways.

The Remarkable Indian Presence in Burj Khalifa

While George’s Burj Khalifa portfolio has garnered significant attention, he is not alone in this remarkable endeavor. In fact, Indians have established a significant presence within the iconic skyscraper. The real estate market in Dubai, where Burj Khalifa stands, has rebounded since the slump of 2008, attracting investors worldwide. However, Indians have emerged as some of the most enthusiastic investors in the region, especially in Dubai.

Since the completion of Burj Khalifa in 2010, Indians have purchased between 100 and 150 apartments within the tower. These investments underline the confidence and interest of Indians in Dubai’s real estate market, with a particular preference for property investments. Despite the fluctuating rupee, property investment remains a favored choice for many Indians.

Prominent Indian figures who have acquired properties in Burj Khalifa include well-known actors Mohanlal and Shilpa Shetty, along with her entrepreneur husband, Raj Kundra. Rohit Kochhar, a lawyer, has also joined the ranks of property owners in this iconic structure.

Indian businessman BR Shetty, who owns the Emirates’ NMC Hospital and the UAE Exchange money transfer firm, took his investment to the next level by purchasing the entire 100th floor of Burj Khalifa.

The investment is not just about owning a prestigious address but also recognizing the substantial demand for rentals within the building. George has reportedly achieved a 50% profit on one of his Burj Khalifa properties, highlighting the lucrative nature of these investments. The Indian community’s remarkable presence in this iconic tower adds to its global significance.

George V Nereaparambil’s journey, from his modest beginnings to his opulent properties within the Burj Khalifa, encapsulates the essence of determination, hard work, and visionary entrepreneurship. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and showcases the enduring appeal of Dubai’s real estate market to the world. As Burj Khalifa continues to touch the sky, it becomes a symbol of success and dreams realized for people like George, who accepted a challenge and turned it into a resounding achievement.

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