Harmandeep: Dietician, nutritionist and much more

Have you ever decided to give a kickstart to your health and nutrition journey? Everyone has resolutions, plans, and other reasons to get fit but we simply lack the consumption knowledge part of the journey. So many people suffer with deciding the proper exercise nutrition in their lives. Many of us even end up with cheaper readily available and mostly unqualified dieticians to basically toy around with our health.

Harmandeep, an established nutritionist has been pursuing her dream to see everyone eat and live healthily since her school days. She is a well-qualified PhD pursuing dietician working freelance since 2019. Being a woman in a male-dominated domain has been an “experience” as she says but her education has definitely helped her through.

She is a mother and freelance entrepreneur who takes due care of her clients and suggests what is naturally available in the kitchen. Harmandeep mentions her goal of connecting with more people and bringing lifestyle change on a much larger scale with due passion.

She also mentions her concern that due to the price constraint people go for dieticians who are in the industry with a bare minimum basics diploma. She urges her concerns and suggests her readers be careful with what they choose.

On a more personal level, she has connected with a long trail of satisfied clients who have achieved their fitness goals. When asked about how she sees her career in the industry a few years from now she says, “The change in the outlook is coming slow but steady. People are starting to see what matters”.