After Covid, India’s demand for digital marketing surged dramatically, and it will continue to do so in the near future. For freshers, the career opportunities and prospects are extremely promising. However, the majority of entry-level students inquired about the breadth of digital marketing and whether it will expand in the future.

It’s not easy to choose the proper professional path because you’re always looking for employment that provide security and stability. In that instance, given the current pandemic condition in which people are compelled to resort to online mediums, online platforms are being used to do business.

This revolution in the job market has now opened many previously closed doors, resulting in an increase in digital marketing career opportunities. Given the benefits of digital marketing, it is clear that it is thriving and will continue to do so beyond 2022. So, let’s take a look at how the world of digital marketing is growing, as well as its future and need.

You might think of this as one of the reasons why digital marketing will be in high demand. The most significant aspect is that it will be a fascinating trip for digital marketers because they will be able to explore new trends and gain experience in a variety of digital marketing specializations.

The digital marketer is given the opportunity to learn new things, which aids in the establishment of the brand’s online presence. As search engines improve, digital marketers can take advantage of new upgrades to boost their rankings. They now have the possibility to work as strategists here. Each stage of digital marketing, as you can see, is brimming with excitement.

How I started my journey from scratch & Now Training People & Managing National & International Brand’s Digital Campaigns:

Pranjal Darekr  (Digital Marketing Expert Trainer & Strategist)

Being an IT engineer , love for Tech industry was there. But instead of sitting 8-12 hrs on desk and code program my heart always fetched the field work. Initially I couldn’t recognise the interest and career direction but in the graduation I held various Positions for the management and my love for management started. After doing MBA in Marketing , I wanted to have a job like everybody has dreamt of- Managerial Position in MNCs.

Due to Corona placements were harm and Companies those wanted to opt us was only of Sales. But in the deep down I always wanted to opt for the core marketing job.

In the pandemic situation because of some family stuff I went back to my hometown in Nashik, and got frustrated because of all the placement tension. But in the second year of My MBA, syllabus included the Internship program and there I decided to go for core marketing field. I started the research and what came in front of me Was a life changing!!!

Digital Marketing!!

And suddenly The friend of mine who already started his own firm in Digital Marketing met me. It was all “Shiddat se chaho to sub kuch milta hai” moment for me. Then I did a proper Course and certification on Digital Marketing and started working on live projects during my internship in the Second year of my masters only.

I got to learn a lot despite of theoretical knowledge, I discovered, what magic can you create with the power of digital Marketing. And after doing all the hardwork, sleepless nights, study and research I got the PPO (Pre placement offer) in the one of the leading Digital Marketing agency. And Now having the experience of 3+years in the industry, I am held for the Digital Marketing executive and Responsible for a the Important decisions.

The journey started of from managing the Graduation events to handling National- International clients.

” If you really want to do something  be faithful to it and trust the process!”

Why Digital Marketing Jobs Are in Great Demand In The Future?

An offline business would be there as it has been ruling the market for a long. But yes online business like digital marketing is taking the seat because of its analytical aspect and affordability.

With digital marketing, marketing managers have access to detailed information on their customers, such as their location and the type of work they are performing on the website.

This information is now assisting managers in determining an increase in return on investment. Indeed, data-driven technology is used in digital marketing, allowing digital marketing experts to distinguish apart. And digital marketing executives can figure out which method is the most effective. Digital marketing has a bright future because it is fully data-driven and does not rely on guessing.

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