In these neoteric times, the sphere of fashion is achieving incredible heights, and the jobs in it are escalating by leaps and bounds.

From a spectator’s eye, the industry might appear easier to get into and make a career out of, but well, not really!

An integral part of the fashion industry is styling and makeup, in which an experienced makeup artist is making headlines with her unequable talent and acumen of style. Her journey from a greenhorn artist to a professional makeup artist and stylist began with practicing different looks on pretty much whoever she could find. Today, her experiments are valued much higher because of the fineness and delicacy with which she carries them.

Kanika is an adamant believer in natural beauty and says that makeup is just another way to highlight the varied features that everyone already has. With her journey and practice as a professional, she has learned intricacies that are taught by her in multiple master classes organized both online and offline.

She can make anyone’s special day much more memorable with just the right amount of shine and shimmer. One of the most distinctive factors is how she engages with the client and her audience. She is not only a fine artist but also a great mentor to look up to.

The makeup industry is ever-evolving and at a fast pace. Therefore, to keep up with the trends and learn from a professional, one must follow her and keep their pens and paper ready as there is always more to learn from her.