From learning on her own to teaching young aspiring makeup artists

Madhuri has surely come a long way. She is a makeup artist with unparalleled acumen in art and style.

Madhuri, respecting her Indian roots and aiming for global standards in her work is the choice of many. She is one such artist who takes utmost precautions while operating with different clients and leaving each one highly satisfied

With such skills in her possession and her unbounded potential, she keeps herself updated with the new and upcoming trends in the makeup industry. She proclaims nature to be her biggest inspiration and tells that she’d rather sit under a tree on a flowerbed and carefully examine the color-play among the plants, leaves, sky, and even the birds over sitting in a quiet space and using scrolling Instagram.

Her experience in the industry is well-spoken by the satisfied client base she has developed over time. When asked about her trigger to begin with makeup, she explains that she has always admired the definition of beauty in a much wider sense than what people know and she desires to give everyone the look they want.

She is also an adamant believer in natural beauty and explains that makeup is a mere tool and only highlights the varied types of beauty which everyone already has.

Her brushes work like magic with the right proportions of concealer and blush which she has understood over the years while working.