Indian Village Woman achieving International Milestones

Adv Kavita Moharkar born and begotten from Distt GADCHIROLI in Maharashtra.  A naxal affected and sensitive part of India.  Populated with a large number of Adivasis, a district where education and basic needs are always a challenge for life. Fashion is a subject not even known to the people in general. Kavita is an Advocate by profession and Fashion Model by Passion. Coming from a humble background, the thought to enter the glamour world never crossed her mind, but the turning point in her life was when she participated in Mrs India My Identity pageant. She was screened through online auditions. She represented her talents and culture at the national pageant which got a lot of appreciation from the jury and fellow delegates.

Along with being crowned as top Titleholder in Mrs.INDIA My Identity where she was also awarded with the subtitle Well-spoken. Recently, in June 2022, she made international representation at Mrs. Universe 2021 at South Korea, where she was Crowned as Mrs. Universe South Pacific Asia and awarded special subtitle Woman Mrs Universe Varsity.  

      Her talent was well recognised at her formal presentation of Domestic Violence before the International Forum. She got Standing Ovation from Judges.  She won the admiration of many international delegates with her thoughts, voice and persona.

            She believes in her strength and is committed towards her work. She believes that “No one can stop you to Win and Rise, if you have determination and dedication. If No one supports you that could mean you are going to carve your own unique path. Always be confident and be cheerful.”

She is grateful to her mentor Miss.Ginny Kapoor and vibrant concepts for always supporting and guiding in my journey. 

She has many feathers in her Hat. A National Orator, Motivational speaker,A good anchor, professional fashion model, social worker and actress, Kavita Moharkar has many feathers in her hat.

    For a woman coming from small town of Adivasi district  reaching to international heights is a great challenge, indeed a Victory in itself. The transition from an Eminent Lawyer to International celebrity is not an easy task. Adv Kavita has a very good command of her words and thoughts., which made her a popular speaker in Maharashtra and now expanding her reach globally.

     After a torn knee ligament due to a bad accident, Adv Kavita could barely walk wearing Sport shoes and could never use heels. To be able to walk in heels was a big challenge for her, but she overcame the injury and can now easily walk in 4.5 to 6 inch heels.

     Adv Kavita is a Social worker. She used her spoken skills to motivate several schools and college students in nearby districts. She associated with various NGOs Aadhar Vishw, Manaswini Foundation, Avastha foundation and Our Social Works which are working for old aged people to Corona patients and widows, school girls, empowerment of underprivileged women and children. 

Advocate Kavita is striving hard to bring the victims of Domestic Violence and Prostitute in main stream of society and live a normal life. She is using her energy to voice out the problems of the society globally and not just to confines of her district. 

“We need more women like Adv Kavita Moharkar to make the world a better place. When a person from humble belongings rises, her words are not just mere hearsay but, the real grassroot knowledge and experience. Her growth and achievements become a source of inspiration for other women to do more and contribute towards the growth of their community, area and world at large. 

I recall how Kavita’s journey began and the transformation she has undergone. The amazing journey brings a lot of joy to us and justifies the purpose of my work. If we could bring out the best versions of more people with such experience and thought process, it would definitely have a ripple effect creating a good society, nation and the world.” said Ms.Ginny Kapoor, Chief mentor and Director Mrs. INDIA My Identity.

Mrs.INDIA My Identity is the biggest International platform for Indian women from across the globe. This unique pageant does not have any stereotype criteria for height, weight or colour. Internal beauty, personality and empathy are as important as external beauty and that is the main foundation of this pageant. Indian Married females from across the globe apply to begin their life changing transformational journey.