Puraskaar: NGO, a blessing for students under the supervision of its founder Gautam Kumar, an alumnus of the prestigious JNU, New Delhi.  He has more than ten years of experience as a Japanese Language Expert. It was founded in April 2021 when the founder, Mr Gautam Kumar, casually talked with his house help, who faced problems as her children struggled to cope with their studies during the lockdown. Soon after, there was an interactive brainstorming session between Gautam Kumar and his enthusiastic students, who were incredibly touched and more eager to volunteer for the noble cause of free education. Once a small group of 5 volunteers, is now a big family of over 200+ volunteers.

At Puraskaar, they teach more than 25 subjects, including art & craft, painting, dance, music, python language, yoga, and foreign languages, including French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. It doesn’t end here, and it also conducts motivational seminars, weekly webinars, personality development sessions, psychological and career counselling, weekly events, quizzes, competitions, interactive sessions, group discussions and whatnot. They have different departments to handle their respective tasks. Departments like Administrative department, HR department, Academic department, Regional Language department, Foreign Language department, Cultural department, Art & Craft department, Marketing department, Creative department, IT department and of course particular subject department like Mathematics, Social Science, English and so on.

After doing all this, there was a big question in front of it: Who will be a part of Puraskaar without getting paid a single penny? So, here are only those people who work or volunteer who are ready to do something for others for free and with their whole hearts. The volunteers are kind enough to work for free for such a meaningful, major and beautiful cause for the man’s mind. Their volunteers work from home as they teach and conduct online all over India on google meet and google classroom. Anyone can be a student or a faculty member here.

It is a platform where a teacher can be a student and a student can be a teacher. Isn’t it interesting? Many people joined as volunteers and are working for mankind. It’s true that if you have enough then share with someone but if you are having more than enough then share with everyone. And that’s what the motto of Puraskaar is. A dedicated team of individuals works around the clock, sparing time from their busy schedules to make a difference in someone’s life and trying to make this world 1% better. Puraskaar gives its deepest gratitude to its volunteers for their commitment to the foundation and the people they serve.

Motto: “Kalam Se Kalaam Tak”

Vision: The Upliftment and empowerment of society through education.

Knowledge is something which is needed to be shared and celebrated and that’s what Puraskaar is doing and that’s their belief. They are helping many students in their studies and teaching them new skills and languages along with their prescribed subject books. It is a beautiful platform for learners and explorers who want to outshine flying colours.

Puraskaar Gift of Education is on a mission to help students learn free academic courses and extra curriculum activities with expert teaching volunteers to make a bridge for those who wish to join expensive coaching classes but, due to some financial difficulties or expensive fees they, cannot afford. added by Marketing Head Chandan

Anyone can be a part of Puraskaar because it is a foundation of the gift of knowledge and knowledge is for everyone. It is the right of every person to learn and to be educated. Puraskaar is working as a bridge more than a helping hand for a better world where all will be educated and learned people.

That is a great contribution to mankind.

You can visit Puraskaar’s website at www.puraskaar.org or follow its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page.