Everything you wanted to know about Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Yatra is an ambitious train journey of discovery and transformation.  It takes hundreds of India’s highly motivated youth, especially those who are from small towns and villages in India.  This is a 15-day long, national train journey that will take you 8000 kilometers across India, to understand and build the India of smaller towns and villages through enterprise.

The vision and goal of Jagriti yatra is to create awareness and to start a movement of ‘Building India through Enterprise’. Jagriti Yatra aims to nurture 1 Lakh (1,00,000) entrepreneurs by 2022 and create 10 Lakh (10,00,000) jobs in this process.  

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

The main motto of JAGRITI Yatra is:

       “Inspire and get inspired.  Change and lead change in others.  Learn and share your life’s lessons.  Build and help build India through Enterprise.   Discover India and a new Indian inside you.  All outside the comfort of your homes, in a moving train across India ”.

     The motive itself makes Jagriti Yatra different from others.  This program will make you meet role models, change-makers, and leaders who started their journey to bring a change and make a difference in thousands of lives.  500 youngsters, selected from thousands of applicants, many from smaller towns and villages, join the Yatra every year, with the goal of creating awareness and starting a movement of ‘building India through enterprise.

     Jagriti Yatra is not like all the other programs in which the applicants will be selected on the criteria of marks rather it considers the motivations and values of the candidate. They consider the candidate’s ability to think creatively, their understanding of India’s pressing problems, and their commitment and approach to solving these.  The Yatra also seeks not only entrepreneurs but also empowers individuals who wish to build India through their professions and work spheres.

     They will definitely provide you to meet at least a role model at each destination of their journey.  The male and female yatris will be provided with 2 compartments separately in the train which is rebuilt according to their convenience where they need to stay for 15 days.  This yatra is the safest one as two fully qualified doctors also accompany them. Meals may be distributed in packets at destinations after deboarding the train. Bottled water is also provided through the regular distribution of water. No outside food is allowed on the train due to the risk of food poisoning.

    On considering all the above factors we can say that Jagriti Yatra definitely differs from others in almost all aspects.

Impact Achieved For Students and Campus

This program really benefits the students. Not only the entrepreneurs but also those who were not entrepreneurs before coming on the train are benefitted immensely from the exposure and networking opportunities presented by the Yatra. It is creating a pool of passionate youth who want to work with social enterprises and start-ups. These youth may not be ready to become entrepreneurs on Monday morning. Rather they want to gain more experience by working at social enterprises and start-ups. And then later take the path of the enterprise. This excludes around 4% of Yatris who joined entrepreneurship courses, development studies, business studies, and took fellowships such as Teach for India, Gandhi, and Piramal fellowships. What emerged to be the most helpful to the Yatris in their personal and professional pursuits are:

Exposure Entrepreneurial skills Understanding of different career choices Networking Interpersonal skills Greater understanding of multiple cultures Excellent communicators in both group presentations and one-on-one conversations Well-networked with contacts and ability to engage with a variety of audiences Resourceful and perseverant in the face of obstacles Organized and accountable for their deliverables; professional in their approach to the work at hand Committed to Jagriti Yatra’s vision and mission Independent, self-motivated, mature and responsible high achievers. So the students who get exposed to the above things can adjust to any sort of situation that occurs in their life.

Notes About How This Resource is Deployed

 To select a Yatri, they do not look at exam results rather we consider the abilities, motivations, and values of the candidate.  They consider the candidate’s understanding of India’s main problems and the commitment and approach to solving those. Interested candidates may apply online by filling up the application form the application consists of a series of essay-type questions designed to come to know about your suitability for the Yatra.  It is a subjective analysis of the raw entrepreneurial potential of a candidate by a selection panel of more than 30 experts spread across the globe.  Random interviews and reference checks are also conducted to ascertain the veracity of candidature. Facilitators’ applications are further evaluated on their professional experience and ability to communicate, coordinate and manage youth.  This is usually done through additional information in the form and an informal telephonic interview. Once your application is selected, further financial details are required if you are seeking a scholarship, to help us identify deserving candidates. Yatris selected for the Yatra can either be a ‘Participant’ or a ‘Facilitator’.

Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus

The ‘Experiential learning’ provided by the Yatra exposes India’s youth to be role model enterprises.  These can be adapted and replicated in their own setting.  Jagriti Yatra has led to a deep impact on the Yatris, 40% of whom get involved in some form of business and social entrepreneurship post the Yatra experience.  The Yatra supports provides an opportunity for these nation-builders to be a part of this transformational experience.