Khwaishh- Effectuating A Woman’s Desire For Fashion

The legendary fashion designer Marc Jacobs once said, “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” These lines have been brought to life by ace fashion designer Mehak Gupta, who is the founder of Khwaishh, a multi-designer platform that is curated to aid designers by providing them with a platform to showcase their designs globally. While it is often said “more the merrier,” Khwaishh, which means desire, fulfills a fashionista’s desire to have more options and pick the best.

Keeping the style and the oomph quotient of Indian women in mind, Khwaishh procures a selected range of designs and creations for designers who think unconventionally and

out of the box. Offering fresh and fashionable clothing, Khwaishh houses everything from clothing, to footwear to even jewellery. Offering luxury directly on your doorstep, the design conglomerate offers artistic and exquisite pieces from various designers, in-house brands, and labels.

From elegant kurta sets to sarees and shararas, the design hub showcases distinctive pieces for trendsetters who wish to sport something ethnic. Furthermore, Khwaishh also makes exploring western outfits with just a click of the mouse. The cherry on the cake is definitely the jewellery and footwear that is specially selected to boost the magnetism of young women with a taste in young and nouveau fashion.

Khwaishh welcomes all women of taste and eternal style to shop their latest collection which is sure to provide a dash of style with the zest of vogue. At Khwaishh, luxury fashion and comfort styling go hand-in-hand so that the consumers are spoilt for choice.

Mehak Gupta: The avant-garde behind Khwaishh


Mehak Gupta, the mind behind Khwaishh runs the design house with the motto of designing dreams with clothes. She strongly believes that when fashion fades, style is what acts eternal. Hence, she carefully selects chic pieces that would be forever in vogue. Being a talented, and new-age fashion designer, Mehak has nurtured and prevailed in the sense of fashion at NIFT, Gandhinagar.

Boasting a master’s in Fashion Designing, Mehak strongly understands the desire, AKA Khwaishh of women to dress and experiment. Having the idea about how fashion is just like food, she reckons that just like two meals should never be alike, no two dresses in a woman’s wardrobe should be much of a muchness.

Mehak is backed by her software engineer husband, who happens to be the co-founder of Khwaishh, who not only helps to support her dreams, but also the technical aspects of the business.

Being accessible worldwide, Mehak and the team of Khwaishh work closely on curating the collection keeping in mind the trends and moods of the youthful women. Explore the stack of magnificent fashion on Khwaishh’s website and be ready to overindulge, because we guarantee, one will never have enough desire for Khwaishh and its exquisite pieces.