Madhuri Madan Artist, creator, visionary

It takes a lot of courage and will to pursue what you believe you’re best at. This wave in the modern generation is sparking like anything. One such creative, energetic, and astoundingly talented freelancer in the field of makeup art is Madhuri Madan!

She understands colors as perfectly as she loves them. A sight for perfection and the will to change the perception of costly makeup salons.

She believes in perfection and her work is just an apt reflection.

When asked about what made her choose the freelance road over a stable salon role she says “At the age of taking risk and seeking perfection I don’t understand why people settle for bare minimum”.

She is all set on her way to take the risk and make it big. Her highly satisfied client base advocates for her work. Madhuri, on her way to succeed has a highly satisfied base of clients.

For an artist she says, the most crucial thing is to create what the client desires. Making someone’s important day even more special is what she has always been keen upon.

She is a firm believer in natural beauty and seeks to make everyone’s special days a little more sparkling, dazzling with the shine, and add a little more shimmer to just anything and everything.

If you have a Big D(day, date, dinner, dance) coming up and wish to fill it up with all the shine and shimmer then she is just the right person to go to!