Arihant Academy: One of Mumbai’s most successful coaching classes

Arihant Academy is a renowned coaching institute having multiple branches across the Andheri-Dahisar belt in Mumbai. It claims to have successfully coached over 1,25,000+ students since its inception in 1998. Over the last few days, they have been creating a buzz around the city because of exceptional exam results.

Their student Ms. Sanjana Ranade ranked first in Mumbai in the State Secondary Certificate (SSC) Board Exam held in March 2022, with a score of 99.80% (499/500). The second ranker Mst. Aayush Ghatkar is also a student at Arihant Academy, having scored 498 out of 500 – an aggregate of 99.60%.

However, this is not the first time that Arihant Academy has secured such promising ranks. The institute has a legacy of exceptional performers – including multiple instances of perfect 100% and state toppers. This is the track record of the top scorers over the last few years.

It doesn’t look like a mere coincidence that so many toppers and top scorers credit their success to this coaching class. Hence, we tried to decode the formula behind their success.

The start

It all started 24 years ago as a dream project of Mr. Anil Kapasi and Mr. Umesh Pangam, two young and passionate teachers, who began their journey with a single classroom in Borivali East and a handful of school students. They intended to provide a strong platform for students to build their careers.

“The environment we provide, our innate culture and the non-academic interventions we make are all a product of our commitment to the student’s overall academic improvement. Because we truly believe that, at our very core, Arihant Academy is a family and not an educational corporate!”, as shared by Mr. Umesh Pangam, Founder Director, Arihant Academy.

From such humble beginnings, today they have become a name to reckon with, by spreading wings in the School (SSC and ICSE) and Junior College (Science and Commerce) sections. Another interesting fact about them is that almost all their school section toppers and top scorers re-enrol to continue their junior college education with the coaching at Arihant Academy itself.

But, what is the reason behind phenomenal trust, year after year?

Teachers- The answer is their unique approach to teaching. The teachers at Arihant are not only professionally qualified but also work passionately to mentor, guide and help students in every possible way. With a terrific team of teachers on board, coaching their students to not just score, but lay a sturdy foundation for their careers. Teachers are friendly, keeping the environment in the class light, making the sessions engaging for students to easily grasp the concepts taught in class.

Assessments- The institute is known for its timely test series, which helps evaluate the child’s performance. This enables the teachers to guide students effectively and help them improve their scores. Continuous evaluation is a habit inculcated right from Grade 8; this helps a great deal when they are preparing for the first career milestone in Grade 10. It equips them to manage exam pressure and build the right exam temperament; and half the battle is already won.

Support- The non-teaching staff at the branches keep parents updated and personally involved in the child’s academic journey, in the class and on paper. Each child gets due attention, hand-holding and is equipped with tips and tricks, clear explanations, banks of important questions and timely revisions. The multiple rounds of revisions as the final exams approach are planned well in advance, to ensure that all doubts are solved, and students are ready for the academic battle.

Technology- Moving to the digital world, the institute rolled out its app – Arihant Edge, to provide video recordings of lectures, online examination with detailed analysis, lecture schedules, performance updates, and a lot more. The digital video library in the app was a boon to students who missed lectures and for those who needed to revise. Arihant Academy continues to leverage this app even when they are going full throttle in offline lectures.

The lockdown effect

After an exceptional upward curve over a span of over 20 years, the lockdown hit them hard, but they did not flinch. Instead, Arihant Academy became one of the early adopters of online education; and the entire team – both teaching as well as non-teaching – made every effort to ease online learning. All the teachers went out of their way to find innovative ways to bridge the gap created by the digital screen.

“At Arihant Academy, the teachers are not the only contributors to the students’ success. The non-teaching staff too, mentors each student to perform to the best of their ability. Each branch head tracks every test performance, every class feedback, and counsels the students accordingly, and even meets the parents to ensure that there is all-round support for the student to improve.”, explained Mr. Anil Kapasi, Founder Director, Arihant Academy.

All in all, the writing on the wall is clear: the coaching provided at Arihant Academy so far is nonpareil..