Modern Age Marketing & Entrepreneurship: Sushant Raj

Marketing strategy, reaching out to people, and business are all really challenging aspects. A business needs reach as well as a marketing strategy. One needs time and thorough analysis to ace their business. The growing trend of digital marketing is freaking interesting but at the same time, it requires a lot of effort. Online there is a hell of a lot of different things and here lies the hint to stand out, you have to be unique and inspiring so that people can relate and connect.

If an experienced marketing person can help a startup boom into an excelling business it would be exceptionally delightful. Digital entrepreneur and business consultant, Sushant Raj with 250+ business mentoring experience is lending his expertise and knowledge to help businesses grow across the world. Supports young talents to grow and make markets. He has been helping entrepreneurs to use their power of thought and imagination to conquer the marketing world.

Building brands and names is a difficult effort, but it is possible to achieve flawless growth with word of mouth spreading throughout the global target audience with hard work and the appropriate plan. Workshops, webinars, training sessions all in all everything to help business-minded transform to work professionals and help in growing time. Improves path to goals and knowledge by increasing online profit to a level of effectiveness.

With all their experience and expertise Sushant Raj Came up with a big Platform for all the artists to showcase their talent and skill. ‘Raabta Studio’ is a brand new record label video and music production company launched by young entrepreneurs. It will be the hub of all talented artists from content creators to content marketers. Young talents are invited to present their skills and real talent to the world and grow more and more.

Youtubers, make-up artists, singers, poets, and the talent list of skilled artists goes endless. Here at ‘Raabta Studio’, they will be reaching a larger audience via the help of marketing experts Sushant and His Team. Talent and skill are for embracing and when done with passion the artist starts ruling hearts over time. This video production company targets young artists and music lovers. Artists will get an ecosystem to rise and grow. Like-minded people at the same center will together grow and aspire to create wonders and miracles.

After the offset of the pandemic period, Sushant Raj inaugurated  ‘Raabta  Studio’ and also announced the release of their very first album in the inaugural ceremony held at the national capital New Delhi. Announcement of first Punjabi track on Raabta studio’s official channel “Tareek” in the inaugural. Many talented artists along with featuring stars Ishika Rajput and Robin Spicy also attended the inauguration event and made it a grand success.

Tareek, the Punjabi track was beautifully written and melodiously sung by young fiery singer Vineet Gaba popularly known as VNT. This fresh song in a fresh voice is connecting and mesmerizing.  The soulful voice inspires to connect youth and takes music deeper into the hearts and veins of with the sound of romance breezing. The released song by young artist VNT is available on various platforms where one may hover out for music and creative voices. Featuring stars for the first album were announced in the inaugural event who were Ishika Rajput and Robin Spicky. Available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple, Gaana, Saavan, and Amazon music and other platforms launched in 2021.