Resolute Resolutions For Youth

Everyone sets a resolution to achieve something new and better in the new year, studies have shown that approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Generally, we are suggested to try new approaches to achieve our big goals and resolutions but it is very important to see whether your resolution is correct, will it really contribute to your success. Especially for students and youth, it is very important to keep the right resolution and fulfil it because their whole life depends on their decisions and right selection. We are telling you about such resolutions that all youth and students must include in their New Year’s resolution.

Not the result, take the resolution to keep trying

Be it cricket or studies. Perfection comes from practice. If you want to get good marks or grade in the exam or want to become a cricketer then keep trying continuously. Study every day, practice sports. Often we fail in our resolution because all our focus is on the result that if we come first then we will get praise from everyone or if we complete the resolution of fitness then we will be able to follow any fashion, if so much money comes then this phone Or buy a car. In between these aspirations, our focus is diverted from the effort, so you should not focus on the result, but focus only on improving your efforts. Whether it is studies or any project. Keep trying and don’t be shy about taking the help of your teacher or mentor.

Resolve the habit of following deadlines

Time is very important in the life of a student, so make good use of time. Time should be fixed for studies in your daily routine and use your potential as much as possible in the prescribed time. Many times students sit with a book, but their mind is not focused on studies, but in somewhere else, such as in sports, watching mobile games or video games, watching movies, etc. It is necessary to have everything in life, but do not get so much immersed in any work that your studies may suffer because education is the basis of your life. Life will be as it is education.

Try something new

When you are in 10th or 12th then this is the time when your physical and mental abilities develop very fast. Many new ideas come in our mind which very few students are able to complete. Such as the hobby of writing, the hobby of playing a sport, the hobby of making or learning something new, the hobby of dancing, the hobby of singing, etc. If you have such hobbies, then definitely tell your parents and give time to your hobbies along with studies, it may bring a big change in your life, you will become great by this.

At any point in life, you must try to do something new because every action has a reaction. Do try to think, do something new on the new year.

Set goals

In India, 80% of the students are such that they have to face a lot of difficulty in setting goals. The biggest reason for this is lack of money, lack of information, indifference of parents towards studies etc. Some students are not able to complete their studies due to financial problems. I am talking about such students who come from under privileged family. Such students are very hardworking and mostly successful too. Not being able to set the right goals also becomes the reason for the failure of the students.

If you are doing graduation or post graduation and you are not aware of your goal, then take help of your teacher, take advice from students who are fast in class studies and then understand your weaknesses and strengths. Given this, determine the goal. Make sure to set your goals for the new year.

Make a resolution to be a good friend or mentor

A good friend or mentor has the most important role in being successful in life because in a hopeless situation, it is they who give you the right guidance to keep trying continuously. So make few friends but make good friends. Which can encourage and inspire you to study from time to time. Therefore, make a resolution to make a good friend or mentor in this new year.

Make a balanced diet solution for good health

Being healthy is very important. In order to be successful in life or to do any work in a better way, health is of great importance. Students’ health affects their studies also, so take a pledge to keep yourself healthy with proper diet and regular exercise.

Make a resolution to control expenses

Try to keep your expenses low. If you are a student then try that your maximum expenditure should be on studies only. The habit of saving will prove to be a boon for you in future. If you spend more then you try to reduce your expenditure this year.

Written By Mr. Govind Bhadu, Entrepreneur & Inspirational Speaker