“Talents today are not just intellects, you also need to be emotionally engaging .”

  1. Tell me about yourself: I Ashish Krishna come from a small town with an economically modest background. I have completed my schooling at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Graduated from HNB Central University, and triple post-graduate from 2 different universities. I’m an educator and entrepreneur in Direct Selling Industry. I had been published my first book Computer Fundamentals in 2013. The next book is under scripting.

2. What the Direct Selling Industry is all about: This is a 21st-century business, which connects consumers to the company directly. It’s also known as MLM or Network Marketing. It gives equal opportunity to earn and grow.
I started working to convert my dreams into reality. I invite a new generation to the system of Multi Level Marketing(MLM)

3. Advise for Entrepreneurs: In my opinion, entrepreneurs are made and unmade by their mindsets. As Swami Vivekanand once said, “All power is, within you, you can do anything and everything.”The Comfort zone is prison. It stops you from flying. Success comes after many failures, don’t be afraid to fail, but the key is, don’t stay there for too long. Talents today are not just intellects, you also need to have a good attitude and be emotionally engaged.

4. What is Success: Everyone has their own definition of success. For me, success is highly correlated with happiness. Do, what you love or love, what you do. There is no gray shade in life. What we build today may not be relevant tomorrow. Change is a universal law of nature. Become a vibrant leader.

5. Success Secret: As a network marketer, I understood the importance of team and taking care of my associate, who is an extended family for me today. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see my teammates settle well in their lives. No one can win alone.

6. Your Inspiration: Family is my backbone in my personal and professional life. My free time is devoted to my friends & family. I’m a dedicated reader. I also love interacting with college students on how to plan their life financially and spiritually. As they are the glorious future of New India.

7. You do a lot of charity work, what’s the vision: “Giving is living.”-I have learned from the book Tuesdays with Morrie. Giving needed peor is what makes me feel alive.
Corona crisis and the broken education system have created many problems. I put my sincere effort to provide free personality development programs(PDP), sports meets, and co-curriculum activities. Awards and prizes are given to talented students. I organize free career-building workshops under the ages of CMS Social Welfare Foundation.

8. You almost became famous, does this affects normal life? I’ve never felt any different. I’m just everybody else.【Smiling】There are times when it would be nice to be able to go anywhere and do anything without feeling watched.

9. The Future: I envision a bright future in/of direct selling industry. I” ve a plan to open Multispecialty Hospital, where common people can get the best health facility. I have a dream to establish a world-class school.
Recent environment disbalance is a red alert. I urge global citizens to work on, fixing the issue.

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