Target healthier and happier Life with Lifeserve Med and Carediseases.

Medical field and medicines have always been part of people’s lives for some reason and way. Everyone requires medical facilities and medical clinics for some reason. Pandemic created a hike in the demands of medical facilities and medical support mostly. Care for life was always valued; it grew more with the onset of the pandemic era. A rapid rise in product demand has been observed. Now that the pandemic has slowed, people are suffering and thus are dependent on the medical sector.

Reports have been saying that people are highly prone to heart risks. The number of deaths due to heart attacks has been increasing since the year 2014. But now it has reached an alarming rate. Amidst the busy and stressful life, people have been found suffering from major and minor mental disorders. Family problems, career issues, relationship issues, and a hell of a lot more, the list goes endless but the problems keep cycling around heart attack and mental disorders. Lifeserve Med and Care Private Limited is one such firm that targets mental disorders and heart attacks and aims to reduce them by curing the problem.

Lifeserve Med and Care Private Limited have come up with remedies to these problems in the world of medicine and health care. Services and medicines are to make your life easy and here at Lifeserve Med and Care Private Limited we target to make the world healthier and happier. Antipsychotics, anxiolytics, antidepressants, antihypertensives, anti-diabetics, lipid-lowering, and antiplatelet medications have all been developed to avoid heart attacks, strokes, mental fatigue, and renal difficulties. With the expertise of senior interventional cardiologist, Dr. Arindam Pande and also a chief advisor at Lifeserve Med and Care Private Limited patients are provided with remedies at the service center. This firm is helping people to lead better lives without diseases and tensions.

Lifeserve Med and Care Private Limited have its USP as its product; it uses the greatest active components from USFDA-approved plants, and its pricing is competitive; patients will receive the best products at reasonable costs. It not only helps people with services and medicines but also provides them with employment to combat the root cause of mental disbalance and psychiatrist needs. People who lost their jobs amidst the pandemic are helped here at

Lifeserve Med and Care Private Limited. Till now 10 medical sales executives have been recruited who lost their means of livelihood in the pandemic and faced difficulty in feeding their family with the desired nourishment . Two of the area sales managers have also been recruited to provide livelihood and help them grow.  These employees together with the core teamwork with interest to provide the best services to people around.

Lifeserve Med and Care Private Limited is a self-funded company working for the welfare of people and society as a whole by providing medical amenities and services. It has never raised any investment and above all, it has also rejected offers for investment to today they stand strong on their abilities catering services to people and support to employees.

Mr. Shamik Kumar Dhar, the project leader, and Quality Control Manager leads the Core Team. At Alkem Laboratories Ltd, he was the Officer in Charge of Production. After that, he worked as a Senior PQA officer at Marico Limited. Later, he moved to Daman to work at DWD Pharma as a Senior Quality Assurance Officer. Dr. Arindam Pande, an Interventional Cardiologist with a strong interest in structural heart disease interventions (MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DM – Cardiology, FACC, FRCP) will serve as the principal advisor. He is presently employed as a full-time consultant at Mukundapur’s Medica Superspeciality Hospital. He also serves as the academic coordinator for the DNB Cardiology and PGDCC training programs at the same university. Last but not least, Mr. Pratik Kumar Sen, Director, and Co-Founder of Lifeserve Med and Care Private Limited, is a businessman and a Jack Ma supporter.

Lileserve Med and Care Private Limited established way back in 2020 is established in Kolkata and Vizag. People can reach out by website, email, or directly at the office. At  Lifeserve Med and Care Private Limited, they serve to save lives.