The Indian Ethnic Co. – The Homespun Saga of a Rs. 15 Crore Fashion Brand’s Success, Crafted by a Mother and Daughters Duo

From a Modest Beginning to a Flourishing Empire

The remarkable journey of The Indian Ethnic Co. commenced with Hetal Desai and Lekhinee Desai investing Rs 50,000. Today, their annual revenue exceeds Rs 15 crore.

With an innate eye for design and aesthetics and no formal fashion training, 58-year-old Hetal Desai has been designing clothes for her daughters, Lekhinee and Twaraa, for nearly three decades now.

Catalyzing Creativity: A Passion Project Turns Visionary

The Indian Ethnic Co., thriving with an initial investment of Rs 50,000, has evolved from a corner of a Mumbai flat into a harbinger of Indian weaving and craftsmanship.

The mother-daughter duo embarked on this venture in 2016, driven by their creative fervor. Their designs celebrate the essence of India’s cultural heritage.

A Passion Ignited: A Mother’s Creative Resurgence

Years prior, Hetal Desai managed a design unit with tailors, catering even to notable clients like Kavitha Krishnamurthy. However, motherhood intervened, prompting her to set her dreams aside.

In 2016, with her daughters in college, Hetal resurrected her passion for design. Her daughters, Lekhinee and Twaraa, played an instrumental role in reigniting this flame.

An Unconventional Journey of Growth

The duo’s foray into the fashion realm was guided by a huge creative zeal. The inception of their Facebook page marked a significant step. With no marketing blueprint, their first order from Goa injected confidence into their venture, underscoring the potential they held.

Empowering Artisans and Crafting Dreams

The Indian Ethnic Co.’s mission transcends fashion as it seeks to empower artisans and craftspeople.

  • Fuelled by Hetal’s creative energy and Lekhinee’s vision for responsible fashion, the brand collaborates with over 100 artisans.
  • Their commitment resonates through their extensive collection, enriching the lives of both creators and wearers.

A Global Footprint: Celebrating Diversity in Style

Dressing individuals across 450 cities and 19 countries, The Indian Ethnic Co. is a beacon of style and craftsmanship. Offering sarees starting from Rs 1,699 and kurtas from Rs 1,880, the brand appeals to diverse sensibilities. Anusha and Saraswathi Ranganathan, patrons of the brand, attest to its quality and extensive range.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media: A Tale of Digital Triumph

Lekhinee’s social media prowess catapulted the brand to global recognition. Embracing photography and innovative strategies, their images captured authenticity. With social media-centric tactics, they achieved impressive reach, showcasing their unwavering self-reliance.

Dance Reels: Fusion of Art and Fashion

The brand’s Instagram dance reels, blending dance and fashion, added a dynamic dimension. A brainchild of Lekhinee, these reels celebrated Indian weaves uniquely. Their pioneering approach resonated, drawing over a million views for the first reel.

Evolving Dreams into Reality: A Journey of Innovation

Hetal’s designs tell a story, and Lekhinee and Twaraa, modeling their creations, bring it to life. A journey that commenced with Rs 50,000 now thrives as an annual turnover of Rs 15 crore. The Indian Ethnic Co. embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, propelled by creative spirit and an indomitable passion.

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