Upside AI led by Endiya partners earns $1.2 Million.

Upside AI is a Machine learning software which is tech-based investment management system that helps the customer make better investment decisions. It has surpassed many elite investor patterns and suggests in-demand stocks. It is a allround developing software that upgrades through every interaction. Considering many factors, Upside AI gives the best solution to all the investing problems.

Endriya Patners is a venture capital fund which provides a strategic and operational support to their customers while investing and lead them to high profits. Creating a perfect portfolio plan for every customer according to their requirements which leads to best results.

Endiya partners led Upside AI to raised a seed to $1.2 million. The firm will use the investment to scale up tech teams that will focus on growing assets under management (AUM) from high net-worth individuals (HNIs) and institutional investors.