Ina Jain evolved into an inspiring story as a makeup artist

While trying various professional aspirations as a lawyer or a teacher, Ina Jain evolved into an inspiring story as a makeup artist. From being an established lawyer and having a well-laid career to taking a huge step and leaving the rat race behind to pursue her love for art, she inspires all.

Drawn in by the “interesting and romantic” horizon of fashion shows, Ina started to experiment with makeup on herself in her adulthood but it isn’t that easy to build a career in art for a typical Indian family.

In her early days, the art of makeup came naturally to her (with lots of practice) unlike the opportunities to practice as a professional, but with her unshaken determination and desire to be the best, she has turned the situation into a favorable one.

She has a knack for new trends and how to put them to practical use. She has figured out the right blend of shine and shimmer for different occasions which is as crucial in makeup as having a ball in soccer.

Ina believes in the enhancement of natural beauty by makeup and proclaims it to be a mere way to make days beautiful and memories more memorable.

The most-dearest thing to her is her water bottle and obviously her enormous collection of ‘makeup brushes’ which works like a magic. One dear piece of advice Ina puts forward for all aspiring artists is NOT to be ‘static’, as it leads to great opportunities passing by untaken fast.