Productivity is divided into two parts INPUT, OUTPUT. Any resources used to create goods and services is called as input. Quantity of goods and services produced is called output. Productivity is a measure of economic performance that indicates how efficiently inputs a re converted into outputs. Productivity growth is measured by dividing  output / input. Productivity will led to higher wages for workers or employees and higher profits for companies. SEO helps in companies productivity. First step is to remove distractions that hinder efficiency. It’s important to engage if company uses these social media platforms (facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, pinterest). Find saving time and more importantly staying in the right mindset while working on tasks the matter move. Second step is to figure out what’s working for the company. Separate your marketing strategies into six categories :-
  1. Channels and strategies that are already working for the company.
which can be done through google analytics conversion rate or new costumer sign-ups.
2.Things that don’t work for the company.
Write down these activities and remove them from workflow.
3.Channels and activities never tried in company.
Delegate critical tasks you don’t need to be involved in or share the workload with more capable team members.
Keyword research then write your blog post and then edit post then create a featured image then upload to WordPress and finally share on social media and also send to email list.
  • Document micro tasks and delegate some more.
  • Scale what your doing by identifying bottlenecks and breakthrough them by modifying process and hiring additional help.
  • Experiment with new things.