Revolutionizing traditional banking with crypto banking.

Buzzing Bitcoin is no more buzzy; maybe people lost faith or didn’t find it feasible. Entice Coin (NTIC) sounds like Bitcoin but isn’t the same. The concept remains the same of cryptocurrency but with a buzz to earn and get rewarded by the entice coins (NTIC). Entice coin (NTIC) has come up with a whole new concept of crypto banks to develop a crypto banking ecosystem. Entice is disrupting the crypto world with its not-to-be-missed crypto use cases. Entice coins (NTIC) just don’t provide services with cryptocurrency but they are trying to develop a whole new concept of community, a community where awareness about the cryptocurrency its exchange, and benefits will be made. People will be free to open up their fears of heart and mind without any hesitation. Since Entice Coin (NTIC) owners respect your money and understand your concern for it.

Entice coin (NTIC) aims to create a crypto-based ecosystem with 1000+users and entice coin (NTIC) wallet holders. Influencer marketing is also something that will be provided by Entice Coin (NTIC) founders to spread the word about the crypto banking system. Entice Coins (NTIC) working with blockchain and cryptographic techniques to create an all-new world of digital crypto banking.

Entice coins (NTIC) basically work with NFTs, Games, and EnticeX. NFT holders will receive special benefits. Entice will share 5% of the profits from crypto games. There will be no trading fees on the Entice Exchange, and free entry to Entice legendary events. Entice Elite Club members.

Mini-games introduced by Entice Coins (NTIC) are to help its users to play and reward entice coins (NTIC). Entice is offering Crypto games in which users may compete against one another in one-on-one battles with their friends as well as online gamers, earning Entice coins (NTIC) in the process. It will increase the crazy audience to play games now for better exchange and experience.

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The objective of Entice Exchange is to create a crypto bank for the crypto world. Exchange for virtual currency and build assets online. Crypto banking and an online system of crypto exchange will facilitate the influence of people and reward the community. Entice will have tons of use cases to be in the Crypto Ecosystem and it will have high acceptability in real life World.

The token entice coins (NTIC) will be available online at the website when pre-sales start and all will be able to get the money stocks in their decentralized wallets. Token allocation ranges from founders coin to marketing and liquid pools and also airdrop and NFT holders. Gaming has been given the maximum token allocation while others are given a decent percent of the share.

Gaming will fetch the user rewards and money and hence will be most buzzing in the market.

Entice Coins (NTIC) is making inroads into the business and financial worlds. They’ve set out on a quest to transform traditional banking by introducing the notion of crypto coins and currencies. With crypto money, the entire globe will be able to conduct online transactions utilizing cryptography technology. Entice coins (NTIC) will assist one in having an all-around technical and digital asset simply as an investment. Soon, cryptocurrency will be utilized as a means of trade worldwide, just as we do with paper cash, or real money, now.

Entice Coins’ (NTIC) co-founders Yax Sheth, Ebrahim Bangdiwala, Anshul Bisht & Kunal Barad were technology enthusiasts and programming nerds who came up with this brilliant technical breakthrough to improve the real-money to digital money conversion. They have a goal of making a long-term influence through technology exchange and digital crypto money.