Meet Binod Chaudhary: Nepal’s Business Mogul Reshaping the Game with CG Corp Global

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

In the picturesque city of Kathmandu, amidst the breathtaking Himalayan backdrop, resides a man whose name resonates with power, influence, and entrepreneurial prowess – Binod Chaudhary. At 68 years young, Binod Chaudhary is not only Nepal’s lone billionaire but also the charismatic leader steering the colossal Chaudhary Group, fondly known as CG Corp Global.

Today, we dive into the extraordinary life and achievements of this remarkable business magnate, politician, and philanthropist, uncovering the secrets behind his meteoric rise to becoming a billionaire.

A Visionary Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Binod Chaudhary is a name synonymous with success and vision. Beyond his business exploits, he is a man of multifaceted talents. In addition to presiding over the vast Chaudhary Group, he dons the hat of a seasoned politician and a dedicated philanthropist.

Chaudhary’s influence extends to Nepal’s political sphere, where he represents the Nepali Congress as a member of parliament. His commitment to shaping Nepal’s future is evident in his active involvement in the country’s political landscape.

The Numbers that Define a Billionaire

As of September 4, 2023, Forbes has assessed Binod Chaudhary’s net worth at a staggering Rs 14,890 crore. This monumental figure places him in the exclusive ranks of the world’s billionaires, securing the 1647th position on the prestigious Forbes World’s Billionaire List. This achievement isn’t just a testament to his financial success but also a reflection of his enduring impact on Nepal’s business ecosystem.

A Wealth Portfolio with Global Reach

Chaudhary’s financial empire spans diverse industries and geographies. Notable among his holdings is a substantial stake in Nepal’s Nabil Bank, a financial institution of immense significance within the country.

  • Beyond banking, Chaudhary has left an indelible mark on the culinary world through CG Foods, the driving force behind the immensely popular Wai Wai noodles.
  • CG Foods’ footprint extends beyond Nepal’s borders, with manufacturing facilities established in India, Serbia, and Bangladesh.

A Precocious Leader

Binod Chaudhary’s journey into entrepreneurship commenced at an astonishingly young age of 23 when he took the reins of his family’s business. This early initiation into the world of business set the stage for a remarkable career.

  • Chaudhary’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in the exponential growth of the CG Group, which now boasts ownership and management of a staggering 143 hotel properties.
  • These properties, including luxurious establishments affiliated with India’s prestigious Taj hotel chain, signify Chaudhary’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the hospitality sector.

A Family Legacy Continues

Chaudhary’s legacy is one of family values and continuity. His three sons, Nirvana, Rahul, and Varun, stand as pillars of support and inheritors of his entrepreneurial acumen. Nirvana and Rahul, as Managing Directors, actively contribute to the group’s day-to-day operations, ensuring a seamless transition of leadership. Meanwhile, Varun, residing overseas, carries forward the family’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Roots of Entrepreneurship

Binod Chaudhary’s entrepreneurial journey finds its roots in a Kathmandu-based Marwari family. He proudly embraces his third-generation business heritage, tracing it back to his grandfather, Bhuramal Das Chaudhary, who initiated the family’s journey with a textile business.

Chaudhary’s father continued this legacy, making significant strides by establishing Nepal’s very first department store. Binod Chaudhary’s life story is a testament to the power of vision, tenacity, and leadership.

From humble beginnings to becoming Nepal’s only billionaire, he has not only shaped the nation’s business landscape but also made a profound impact on its politics and society.

  • His journey inspires the young and the ambitious, proving that with unwavering determination, even the loftiest dreams can be realized. As Kathmandu continues to flourish under the influence of this remarkable entrepreneur, the world watches, eager to witness what Binod Chaudhary will accomplish next in his enduring quest for success and excellence.

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